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Greetings from Doha

Posted by enrique in COP 18
    A message from Professor Idil Boran, delegate from York University, attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 18.

“Greetings from Doha.  I want to begin by saying that the conference has been incredibly informative.  I went to some impressive panels and met very interesting people.

The country negotiations are, as you know, going slowly and the expectations are modest.

The side events, panels, and initiatives are absolutely fascinating.  As the negotiations are going slowly, there is an impressive effort at figuring out alternative pathways for attending to the issue of climate change.  The dominant idea at Doha 2012 is the need to think in innovative ways on how the issue can be dealt with.  I also found that there is a heavy focus on instruments other than traditional policy approaches.  For example, the idea of “innovative and green financing” is central to the discussions.  So is the idea of considering Development Banks as instruments that could facilitate climate financing, transfer of green technology, and green development.

Yesterday, I went to a fascinating panel on women and climate change, where the idea of making climate instruments gender sensitive was advanced.

I hope to give a full account of all my observations on my return.  I haven’t had too much time writing, because I am trying to maximize my observations and have been focused on absorbing new insights as much as possible”

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